Crossing on the Marine Atlantic Ferry is the best decision

What You Need to Know for Taking the Newfoundland Ferry Ride

This is what you need to know for taking the Newfoundland Ferry ride. You can take the ferry from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques or Argentia Newfoundland. There are also other ferry routes for travelling from Labrador and Saint Pierre and Miquelon to Newfoundland.

Ferry to Newfoundland: You can take the ferry from Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Port aux Basques or Argentia, Newfoundland. There are other ferry routes for travelling from Labrador, Saint Pierre, and Miquelon to Newfoundland.

Newfoundland ferry cost: From Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, it costs $43.78 per adult passenger one way, and vehicle cost ( moto vehicles, pickups up to 20′ $114.19)

From Nova Scotia to Argentia Newfoundland, it costs $116.27 per adult passenger one way, and vehicle cost ( moto vehicle, pickups up to 20′ $234.19)

Newfoundland ferry schedule: You can get your ferry schedule from the website if you are boarding from Sydney, Nova Scotia.

You can take the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. Marine Atlantic operates this route.

North Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Port aux Basques, This ferry route operates all year round and carries thousands of visitors and vehicles to Newfoundland each year. Schedule and Update

You can also take the ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Argentia. This route is seasonal and operates during the summer from June to September.

Taking a ferry from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, is an exciting and convenient way to explore Newfoundland stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. We will provide information you need to plan your trip, including the benefits of taking the ferry versus flying, ferry routes and schedules, an overview of Newfoundland, must-see attractions, insider tips for travelling on the ferry, dining and accommodation options, and tips for planning your trip. So let’s embark on this Atlantic adventure.

Benefits of taking the ferry versus Flying

Taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques offers several advantages over flying. Firstly, the ferry journey allows you to offload all stress, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean while someone else takes care of the sailing. It enables you to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding waters.

Additionally, taking the ferry is cost-effective, especially if travelling with a vehicle or a group. The fares are often more economical than the expenses of flying. Moreover, the ferry journey provides a unique experience that flying cannot match, as it allows you to connect with Newfoundland Atlantic culture and history.

Ferry routes and schedules

Two ferry routes operate between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. North Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, and Argentia, Newfoundland, to North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The North Sydney to Port aux Basques route is popular and convenient for most travellers. This route is served by Marine Atlantic, the ferry service between the two provinces. The crossing takes approximately 6-8 hours, depending on weather conditions and other factors. The ferry offers a range of amenities, including comfortable seating, dining options, and onboard entertainment.

The Argentia to North Sydney route is long, taking around 14-15 hours. However, this route provides an opportunity to explore more of Newfoundland, as Argentia is located on the Island eastern side. Marine Atlantic also services this route, and similar onboard amenities are available.

Checking the ferry schedules in advance is essential. Reservations are strongly recommended, especially during peak travel times, to ensure availability and avoid any last-minute hassles.

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Overview of Newfoundland

Newfoundland, the easternmost province in Canada, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, rugged coastline, and vibrant culture. The Island offers diverse experiences, from exploring ancient Viking settlements to witnessing majestic icebergs and whale watching.

Newfoundland is home to national parks, such as Gros Morne National Park, where you can marvel at towering cliffs, fjords, and pristine lakes. The province is also known for its charming coastal communities, including St. John’s, the capital city, which boasts colourful jelly bean row houses and a vibrant arts scene.

Must-see attractions in Newfoundland

The best of Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland is filled with must-see attractions that capture the essence of the province. Here are some of the top highlights:

  1. Gros Morne National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gros Morne offers breathtaking landscapes, including the Tablelands, a unique geological formation, and Western Brook Pond, a stunning fjord.
  2. Signal Hill: Located in St. John’s, Signal Hill offers astonishing views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also home to the historic Cabot Tower, commemorating John Cabot’s transatlantic voyage.
  3. Iceberg Alley: During the spring and early summer, Newfoundland coast becomes a prime location to witness the spectacle of icebergs floating along the coastline. Iceberg Alley, stretching from Labrador to the coast of Newfoundland, offers a captivating opportunity to see these massive ice formations up close.
  4. Cape Spear: As the easternmost point in North America, Cape Spear is a must-visit destination. Explore the historic lighthouse, stroll along scenic coastal trails, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the rugged coastline.
  5. L’Anse aux Meadows: This World Heritage Site is an archaeological treasure, as it is the only known Norse settlement in North America. Step back in time and explore the reconstructed Viking village, gaining insights into the Norse exploration of the continent.
  6. Fogo Island: Located off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. The Island is a haven for artists and nature enthusiasts. Experience the unique architecture of the Fogo Island Inn, embark on scenic hikes, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Insider tips for travelling on the ferry

Here are some insider tips to enhance your ferry travel experience:

  1. Book reservations in advance: This will secure your spot on the ferry; booking your tickets and making vehicle reservations well ahead of time, especially during peak travel seasons, is advisable.
  2. Arrive early: Arriving early at the ferry terminal allows you to check in smoothly and provides time to explore the amenities available on board.
  3. Pack essentials: Remember to pack comfortable clothing, a travel pillow, entertainment options, and any necessary medications. Packaging snacks and water for the journey is also a good idea.
  4. Explore onboard amenities: The ferry offers various amenities, including dining options, comfortable seating areas, and entertainment options like movies. Take advantage of these facilities to make your journey enjoyable.
  5. Follow safety guidelines: Pay attention to safety instructions provided by the crew, including wearing life jackets when required. Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and evacuation procedures.

Dining and accommodation options on the ferry 

The ferry provides dining and accommodation options to make your journey comfortable:

  1. Dining: The onboard restaurants offer a range of delicious meals, including sandwiches and other options. Enjoy a satisfying meal while taking in the ocean views. 
  2. Accommodation: The ferry offers comfortable seating areas to relax during the journey. Cabins are available for an additional fee if you prefer a private space. These cabins typically include beds, and other amenities.

Planning your trip – what to pack and how to prepare

When planning your trip, consider the following:

  1. Weather: Newfoundland’s weather can be unpredictable, so pack layers and be prepared for changing conditions. Bring a mix of warm and waterproof clothing, including a good pair of walking shoes or boots.
  2. Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary travel documents, including valid identification, driver’s license, and any required permits or visas.
  3. Vehicle preparation: If you’re travelling with a vehicle, check the tire pressure, fill the gas tank, and make sure all lights and signals are in working order.
  4. Cash and cards: It’s advisable to have some money and cards, as some places may not accept cards or have limited access to ATMs.
  5. Research local customs and regulations: Familiarize yourself with local customs, regulations, and road rules to ensure a smooth and respectful travel experience.


Can you stay in your car on the Newfoundland ferry? Waiting in your car or sleeping on floors, decks, and vehicles is prohibited.

Can you reach Newfoundland by car? No! It is not possible to drive to Newfoundland from mainland Canada. Newfoundland is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. You can get to Newfoundland by taking the Marine Atlantic ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia, heading to Port Aux Basques or Argentia.

Do you go through security on a ferry? Simple routine security checks on passengers, baggage and vehicles will occur. All passengers boarding the Marine Atlantic ferry should present a valid photo ID upon boarding. 

Do I have to book a ferry in advance? You can book your Marine Atlantic ferry pass at any time. However, we recommend you book in advance to secure your seat and vehicle on the ferry.

How long should I arrive before the ferry departs? Passengers should check in at least 90 minutes before the ferry departure.

More Q&A about Taking The Ferry 

What is the duration of the ferry journey from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland? The duration of the ferry journey from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, varies depending on the specific ferry and weather conditions. On average, the crossing takes approximately 6 to 8 hours.

How much does taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques cost? The cost of taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, depends on factors such as the type of vehicle, the number of passengers, and the time of year. The fares typically range from $100 to $200 for a standard-sized vehicle with a driver. The Ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland cost is relatively cheap.

Are there any discounts available for the ferry tickets? Discounts may be available for certain groups, such as seniors, students, or military personnel. It’s advisable to check with the ferry operator for any current promotions or discounts.

When is the best time of year to take the ferry to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia? The best time of year to take the ferry to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia is generally during the summer, from June to September. The weather is milder, and the ferry schedule is more frequent during this period.

Can I bring my vehicle on the ferry? Yes, you can get your vehicle on the ferry. The ferry provides a convenient way to transport your car, motorcycle, or RV to Newfoundland.

Are there any restrictions on the size or type of vehicle allowed on the ferry? Many vehicle sizes are allowed on the ferry. However, there are restrictions on the size and type of vehicles allowed on the ferry. It’s essential to check the specific guidelines the ferry operator provides to ensure your vehicle meets the requirements.

Are there any onboard amenities available during the ferry journey? The ferry offers various onboard amenities for passengers, including comfortable seating areas, lounges, and outdoor decks where you can enjoy scenic views.

Are there food and beverage options on the ferry? Yes, there are food and beverage options available on the ferry. You can purchase meals, snacks, and drinks from onboard cafes or restaurants.

Is there Wi-Fi available on the ferry? Yes! The ferries may offer Wi-Fi connectivity during the journey, allowing you to stay connected and browse the internet while onboard. However, it’s recommended to check with the ferry operator for the availability of Wi-Fi on the specific ferry you will be travelling on.

Can I bring my pets on the ferry? Yes! You can get your pet on the ferry. Most ferries have designated pet-friendly areas where your furry companion can stay during the journey.

Are there any pet-specific requirements for travelling on the ferry? While travelling with a pet on the ferry, keeping them secured in a suitable carrier or leash is important. Additionally, ensure to bring all necessary documentation and records per the ferry operator’s requirements.

Can I make a reservation for the ferry in advance? Making a reservation for the ferry in advance is advisable, especially during peak travel seasons. This helps ensure you have a spot on the ferry and allows for smoother boarding.

What happens if I miss my scheduled ferry departure? If you miss your scheduled ferry departure, it’s important to contact the ferry operator as soon as possible. They will provide information on options, such as rescheduling or transferring your ticket to a different departure.

How early should I arrive at the ferry terminal before departure? You should arrive at the ferry terminal at least 1 to 2 hours before departure. This allows sufficient time for check-in, boarding procedures, and vehicle inspections.

Is there parking available at the ferry terminal? Yes, parking is usually available at the ferry terminal for passengers travelling with their vehicles. However, checking with the ferry operator for specific parking instructions and associated fees is advisable.

Are there any baggage restrictions on the ferry? While there may be some baggage restrictions on the ferry, they are generally more lenient than air travel. Passengers are typically allowed to bring their luggage and personal belongings on board, but adhering to any size or weight limitations the ferry operator sets is important.

Can I bring my bicycle across on the ferry-ride? Yes! You can get your bicycle on the ferry. Bicycles are usually accommodated on the vehicle deck or in designated areas on the ferry.

Are there any special considerations for travelling with children on the ferry? Ensuring their safety and comfort is important when travelling with children on the ferry. Make sure to bring necessary supplies, such as snacks, entertainment, and any required child restraint systems. Additionally, keep a close eye on your children during the journey, especially when moving around the ferry.

Is there a limit on the number of passengers allowed on the ferry? Each ferry has a limit on the number of passengers allowed on board. It’s recommended to check with the ferry operator or their website for information on passenger capacity and any restrictions that may be in place.

Can I purchase tickets for the ferry online? Yes, you can often purchase ferry tickets online. Most Marine Atlantic provides an online booking system where you can select your desired travel dates, vehicle type, and the number of passengers.

How can I pay for my ferry tickets? Standard payment options include credit cards, debit cards, and sometimes cash. It’s advisable to check with the ferry operator or their website for specific payment details.

Is there a ferry schedule available online? The ferry schedule is usually available online on the ferry operator’s website. The schedule provides information on departure times, crossing durations, and any seasonal variations that may apply.

What are the options for transportation in Newfoundland once I arrive in Port aux Basques? Various transportation options are available once you arrive in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. These include taxis and DRL transportation services. It’s recommended to plan your transportation or inquire at the ferry terminal for assistance.

This is the cab service in Port aux Basques Don’s Taxi, 709-695-7777.

The DRL-LR bus station in Port aux Basques is at the Marine Atlantic terminal office.

Are there any scenic views during the ferry journey? The ferry journey from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques offers stunning scenic views of the surrounding coastline, islands, and possibly wildlife. Bring a camera or have your phone ready to capture these memorable moments during the crossing.

Can I use my mobile phone during the ferry journey? Yes! The ferries allow the use of mobile phones during the journey. However, it’s advisable to be considerate of other passengers and follow any guidelines or restrictions the ferry operator provides regarding phone usage.

Are there any safety precautions I should know while on the ferry? While onboard the ferry, it is important to follow safety precautions to ensure a smooth and secure journey. Pay attention to safety announcements, familiarize yourself with the location of emergency exits, and follow any instructions provided by the crew.

Can I change my travel dates after purchasing ferry tickets? Changing travel dates after purchasing ferry tickets may be possible, depending on the fare type and availability. It is advisable to contact the ferry operator or check their website for their specific policies regarding ticket changes and any associated fees.

Is there a refund policy in case I need to cancel my ferry reservation? The refund policy for ferry reservations may vary depending on the fare type, time of cancellation, and the ferry operator’s terms and conditions. Reviewing the refund policy when booking is recommended or contacting the ferry operator directly for more information.

Taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, provides an incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of the province’s landscapes, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, and create unforgettable memories. From the convenience and relaxation of ferry travel to the must-see attractions and insider tips, this guide has equipped you with the necessary information to plan a remarkable trip. Remember to make early reservations, arrive at the ferry terminal, and pack essentials for a comfortable journey.

Once you arrive in Newfoundland, prepare to be captivated by its stunning national parks, historic sites, and picturesque coastal towns. From the breathtaking Gros Morne National Park to the cultural charm of St. John’s, there’s something for you to enjoy.

Embrace the adventure, savour the breathtaking landscapes, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The ferry journey will not only transport you physically but also transport your spirit to a place of awe and wonder.

So, embark on this Atlantic adventure, embrace the beauty of Newfoundland, and let the ferry journey become a cherished part of your travel experience.

Ferry from Labrador to Newfoundland and Ferry to Labrador from Newfoundland:

You can take the ferry from St. Barbe, Newfoundland, to Blanc Sablon or visa-versa. The crossing time is about 1 hour 45 minutes, and this route is operated by Labrador Marine Inc. Schedule and Update. Call ahead to book your reservation at 1-866-535-2567 or 1-709-535-0811

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Ferry Crossing to and from Newfoundland.

If you are visiting from Newfoundland, you can take a ferry from the town of Fortune on Burin Peninsula, in Eastern Newfoundland. Euro is the official currency in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Schedule and Update

It would be best if you had a passport or an official valid government photo ID to go to St Pierre from Newfoundland and Labrador. You will need an official valid government photo ID if you are a Canadian citizen. The ferry tickets to St Pierre from Fortune Newfoundland and Labrador can cost $49 or more.

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