Our Best 6 Travel Tips To Make you the Savviest Newfoundland Traveler.

Our Best 6 Travel Tips To Make you the Savviest Newfoundland Traveler.

Our Best 6 Travel Tips To Make you the Savviest Newfoundland Traveler.
Most travellers seek adventure and visiting Newfoundland, and Labrador fulfills the thirst of all adventure seekers. These tips will help you save money and sleep better in the best hotels, cabins, B&B and homes. This is your opportunity to get off the beaten path and explore Labrador vast land.
These are Our 6 Travel Tips To Make you the Savviest Newfoundland Traveler.

1: Always pack hiking footwear.

This is the key to enjoying your walking and hiking around the island. When you come to Newfoundland, you will need a good hiking shoe, whether heading out on the East coast Trail, walking around the city or visiting historical sites.

2:Buy a small backpack.

Please bring a small backpack with you on your trip. You can use it to carry items you will need when you stop for a picnic or store souvenirs you buy on your adventure. As travellers, we tend to want to pack everything when travelling, but a small pack will force us to bring what we need for the next excursion.

3:Pack Light and bring extra clothing.

Our Best 6 Travel Tips To Make you the Savviest Newfoundland Traveler.

If you forget to bring something when you arrive in Newfoundland and Labrador, there is no need to worry. You can get it from Walmart at a reasonable price. Pack 3 T-shirts and four pairs of socks. Write down a list of all the essentials you need and pack based on how you will spend each day. Remember, a bag pack can only bring so many items, so pack only when you need them.

4: Take Cash, a bank card and a Credit Card.

Many stores and places you visit accept cash, credit and master cards. Bringing different payment methods is good as you don’t want to be stuck somewhere new without access to funds to take care of your immediate needs.

5:Dont be afraid to get lost and found.

Take the scenic route when you are on your adventure. There is always more to see when you are out exploring. It is ok to wander off the beaten path and do something new. There are many hidden gems for you to find. If you get carried away, you can always use Google map to find your way back home,

6:Visit the local tourism office.

The staffs in the tourism office are expert guides and will offer you the best information that will take you miles. They can advise you of the best events and activities that are coming up during your visit. They can advise on the best place to eat and local things to do and see.

These are the best travel planning resources you should use.

Looking to book your trip to Newfoundland and Labrador? Use these resources that are tried and tested by other travellers like you who vacation in Newfoundland and Labrador. Bookmark these links. Save them for future reference.

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Do you need more help planning your trip?
Check out our Resources Page, where we also highlight all the resources and companies you can use to assist with your planning.

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